Why was my card declined?

Your subscription is billed starting on the date you placed your first order, and continuing monthly on that date. To prevent an interruption to your service, please ensure your billing information is current 24 hours before your billing date. If you do experience a failed payment, here are the most common card issues that may prevent us from billing you:

  • Your billing information has changed with your bank. Your billing information must match what is on file with your bank. If this has changed, please update your billing information in your account.  
  • Your card has insufficient funds. We will attempt to re-bill you a few times after the initial charge is declined. Once the funds are available in your account, the charge should go through automatically.
  • Your bank is declining the charge. If the charge is declined by your bank, you will need to contact the bank for more information. We do not have visibility on why they are declining our charge. Once resolved with the bank, your charge should go through when we attempt another re-bill. 
  • You have updated your payment method to a type we are unable to accept. Regretfully we are unable to accept prepaid debit or prepaid credit cards of any type. This includes many payroll cards as well as cards not linked to your bank. 

It is possible for a failed payment to appear on your card as a temporary authorization. These attempts are not actual charges and should fall off within a few business days. 

If you are having trouble with a billing issue, please Contact Us.