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How do I update my billing information?

You can update or change your billing information at any time. Here is how to locate and update your billing details:

  1. After logging into Nike Adventure Club, head to your Adventure Club Profile by selecting your profile located at the top right corner of the site. 
  2. Locate the Payment Details section.
  3. Click Edit to then update your card information and billing address.
  4. Once finished, click Save located at the bottom of the screen. The updated information will then be saved to the Payment Details section of your Account Settings.  

Please read below for very important information about updating your billing:

  • If you would like your new card to be billed for your upcoming Nike Adventure Club payment, you must update your card information at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle. 
  • Our system will verify the entire billing address. Your billing information must match the address on file with your financial institution. If you experiencing issues updating your billing details, please Contact Us.
  • Once you update your credit card information, our system will automatically process all past due payments.