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How do I redeem my gift?

Congratulations! You received the gift of Nike Adventure Club!

Once you have redeemed your gift, your gifted months begin immediately. Please place your order as soon as possible!

To start your gift subscription, simply click the gift code in the email sent to you, or click here and enter your gift code.

Then, follow the steps to set up your account, your child’s subscription and choose your first pair of kicks.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when redeeming your gift:

  • Your gifted months begin immediately after you redeem the gift code, so please place your order as soon as possible.
  • You will be asked to enter a valid form of payment to verify your account.
  • You will not be charged unless you do not cancel your membership after your gift has ended. But don’t worry – we’ll send you an email reminder before you are charged!

Please note: By redeeming a Gift, you agree to redeem your entire Gift balance and apply it to the Plan you select during checkout. If you don’t cancel your Plan before the end of your Gift period, you authorize Nike, Inc. to charge you the monthly recurring Plan price + tax at the end of your Gift period until you cancel your subscription. If the price changes, we’ll notify you beforehand. You can cancel any time by contacting our Member Experience Team.


Already a Nike Adventure Club member?

You can have your gift applied to an existing membership. Once you enter your gift code, you will get to choose which subscription the gift applies to.

Questions? Please contact us at any time!