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How can I participate in shoe drives?

Nike Adventure Club's first shoe drive launched Thanksgiving 2019 and has now ended. We will let you know when the next shoe drive starts!

Here’s how our shoe drives work:

  • During each shoe drive, Nike Adventure Club boxes will include a special shoe drive bag
  • Fill your bag up to the top with any used shoes. (Really, any!)
  • Ship the bag back to us by adhering the return label that will also arrive in your box

Once we receive your bag, we will sort out the pairs that can be donated, and send the rest to Nike Grind for recycling! 

Pairs in gently used condition will be donated to our non-profit partners, Project Lemonade and With Love. Both of these organizations support foster children and their foster families. 

For more information about how we recycle old kicks check out Our Mission.


Do I have to return my bag by a certain date?
There is no rush to return the bag. We will continue to accept donation bags year round. Please hold onto your shoe drive bag and collect pairs until you are ready to ship it back.

Can I request a donation bag?
We will accept member requests for a donation bag. The bag will then be included in your next order. Please note that we currently have a limited supply of donation bags, so we cannot guarantee availability.  

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us .