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Billing & payment obligations

Nike Adventure Club is meant to be an ongoing, continuous service for you and your family to enjoy. As part of the club, you accept responsibility for your monthly membership fees for all of your subscriptions, even on months no new orders are placed. Along with accepting responsibility for your monthly fees, we also have other billing and payment obligations that you agree to when using our service. 

  • Members are responsible for ensuring their payment method is valid and available when their monthly payment is due.
  • In the event members are unable to meet monthly obligations, we asked to be notified as soon as possible. 
  • All memberships, not just the member being ordered for, must be in good standing or have prior approval, before any new orders can be processed. This also includes memberships shipping to the same household.
  • No new memberships will be accepted if there are any past due memberships associated with your account.
  • All memberships, both new and old, are subject to approval based on prior billing history.

While we would love to keep you in the service for as long as your kids have growing feet, we maintain the right to refuse or cancel service for any reason. For additional details, please see our Terms of Use.